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Hire packers and movers for efficient bike transport

Relocating a vehicle is a challenge in itself. People invest in vehicles but one day when you have to take up an opportunity in some other city, your vehicle has to stay home and rust in the dusty garage. Not anymore because now your vehicle can follow you wherever you go! A country like India is known for its never-ending traffic throughout the day and even at night. Beat the traffic like a ray of light without any obstacles. Do you have to stay dependent on public transport simply because your vehicles are parked back where your home is? Then here's a permanent solution for you.

With the expertise of 10 years, Packer Buddy is listed as packers and movers that offer great bike transport services to every corner of the country. Since bike moving is a tedious task, bike transport is the ultimate solution. If you don’t trust bike shifting services in India, then it’s time to reach out to vehicle shifting experts to clear all your queries about Two-Wheeler Transport services.

Worried about bike shifting charges? Here’s some good news!

Packer Buddy has curated brilliant services and worthy and affordable prices that anyone can pay without burning a hole in their pockets. No matter if you have a sports bike or even a low cc bike, we can help relocate any size with complete efficiency, full insurance coverage, and safety at charges you can’t even imagine!


Fast & Safe Delivery

Get faster delivery of your belongings in the safest possible way.

Product security

Your products are safe and secure with our team of experienced members.

Price oriented

Never let price become a hurdle in making your process easy and convenient.

10+ Years of Expertise

We have 10+ years of expertise to make your shifting easy and affordable.

Secured Payment

Make a secured payment with us and start your safe relocation journey today.

24/7 Support

Get active support from our relocation executives who will never delay your relocation.

Bike Relocation Services

The cost of bike transportation can vary from organisation to organisation as totally depends on the size of the two-wheeler and the distance that needs to cover. In local relocation, one can drive themselves new place but bike transport to another city can be tough because you require various permits, packing and another vehicle for shifting. This is why hiring bike relocation services is a preferable aspect for many people. If you wish to have a clear idea about how much it is going to cost you to hire us as your vehicle shifting packers and movers, have a look at the price chart below.

Bike Types 500 KMs or less 500-1000 KMs 1000-1500 KMs 1500-2000 KMs
Standard Bike 5000 - 7000 8000 - 10000 10500 - 12500 12000 - 16000
Sports Bike 4500 -7000 6000 - 9000 8000 -12000 11000 - 15000
Cruiser Bike 5000 - 8500 7000 - 10500 9000 - 13500 12000 - 16500
Off-Road Bike 6000 - 9000 7500 - 11500 10000 - 14500 13000 - 17500
Scooter or Activa 3000 - 5000 5000 - 8000 7500 - 11500 10000 - 14000

Tips to ensure safe bike transportation to another city!

If you think bike transport is a tough task, let us uncomplicate it for you. Here are some common tips that would come in handy to ensure safe two-wheeler relocation.

Arrange all documents:All the documents you require for a vehicle must be present with you before you relocate your vehicle. Documents such as driving license, RC, road tax, pollution check documents, etc.

Check for damages before & after handing the vehicle to bike transport services: Not doing so might lead to regret later. Therefore, check your vehicle before and after the relocation is done so that you can claim insurance.

Why is bike transport service the ultimate solution?

Being experienced relocation partners, we understand the need to have a professional and verified service for your relocation. That’s why we have all the certifications to validate ourselves.

  • We are a 100% verified company that has been offering great services to people hailing from different cities with complete security and safety. We have permits, registration and other necessary certifications making us one of India's trusted and top-notch bike transportation services.

Shifting your expensive two-wheeler is too much pressure in itself. What if they break my bike? What if it gets scratched? What if any part gets broken? The fact that people treat their personal vehicles as their own baby makes Packer Buddy take responsibility with complete will and dedication.

  • That's why we offer transit insurance to cover the risk that may befall your vehicle. Although we offer a guarantee to relocate your bike with pure safety, there are situations such as natural calamities and broken roads, that aren't in our control. Therefore, to cover the losses, we offer insurance coverage for your bike transport.

Given the price chart above, you can understand how Packer Buddy makes bike transportation services economical and efficient.

  • Our relocation experts are the best bike transport service that could lay down experienced solutions and comparatively great prices.

We always find a platform to manage and balance our current clientele and our new customers. Therefore, we offer great offers and cashback from time to time along with a thunderbolt booking service!

  • We have a great quick booking solution that advances your bike transportation more fastly than any other bike relocation service. Book today and shift your bike quickly.
Why is Packer Buddy Reliable for Bike Transport?

Packer Buddy has a reliable and trustable team that makes relocation possible even during the hardest times and situations. Our team has had individuals working with us ever since our inception. Also, they are trained for every possible consequence during bike transport.

Also, our high-tech team has helped us make a strong clientele of more than 10,000 customers all across India. We have covered several metropolitans as well as other cities such as New Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Indore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, etc.

Packer Buddy is an all-rounder company that offers all solutions related to transportation, shifting and storage. Our solution range includes corporate moving, residential shiftings, car or bike transport, packing services, and warehousing storage.

Best Bike Transportation in India

Packer Buddy is one of the top-notch Two Wheeler Transport services in India with a strong clientele of more than 10,000 customers. Now transporting your bike would not be an issue because you can count on us to be your best bike transportation service. Book your verified bike transporter service today!

Still have some doubts about bike transport services? Look at the FAQ session below for some common queries we get. Can’t find your answer? Drop your contact details and let our expert executives guide you through them.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of bike transportation in other Indian cities and states?

The average pricing to hire a bike transportation solution ranges from Rs 3,000 to Rs 20,000 depending upon the distance and type of the bike.

Which bikes do your bike transport service shift?

Packer Buddy assists in shifting all types of bike models. We shift all bike models such as Standard Bikes, Sports Bikes, Cruiser Bikes, Off-Road Bikes and even Scooter or Active.

Is it safe to hire a bike transport service?

Yes. With experience and high-tech vehicles, we make bike transport easier, convenient, low-cost and safe at all costs. Packer Buddy saves you from all the trouble and extra costs that you have to bear if you travel yourself on the bike to get it relocated.

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