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About Us

India’s Largest and Top-Rated Movers

We are like you, normal people enjoying making things easy for others.

No matter the distance or the volume, we will always be willing to collaborate with your move, making it so simple that you will not have to worry about anything.

That is why we like to constantly renew our fleet of vehicles, train our people by updating the techniques of disassembly and assembly of furniture and adapting to the new formulas applied by the best companies in the field.

We started our company with a mission and recounting the beginning of this moving company is both emotional and satisfying. Since it is to evoke the adventure to reach a goal, an objective or more than that: a dream, to be one of the best moving companies in India. We are convinced to achieve it with hard work.

We know that when the client is an absolute priority, it will be easy to realize the dream of seeing our company "PackerBuddy" grow, and making our best advertising the "word of mouth" of our clients and enjoying customer satisfaction with the service received, recognizing this satisfaction as the most precious value of our company.

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Why People Choose Us?

With us, you can rest assured! Because after having managed thousands of moves, we know perfectly well what worries you the most and what you need.

Get the Best Quote Quickly

We wont leave you waiting for days. We understand that you could be pressed for time.

Smooth Moving Process

You will be ready on the moving day rather than stressed. We will assist you to be ready for a smooth moving process when the time comes to load the moving truck.

Friendly Moving Crew

Your commercial agent knows you personally. You are more than just an order number. It means that we understand the seriousness of the job.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

Your cargo or move will be travel insured. Breakage, theft, damage to merchandise, losses, are things of the past.

Reasons to Use Our Packers And Movers Service : Packer Buddy

Ever since our inception in India, our one-of-a-kind movers and packers company has limited its reach to simply providing the best to its clients and nothing else. From our founders to our employees, everyone comes together to drive the best force for your requirements without leaving a stone unturned. Having a vast network of services, it is easier for any brand to be juggling with the number of activities they do, however, our company has managed it well as we try not to bring the customers but to serve them well.

If you are thinking about what's so special about us even though there are several packers and movers around the world, it is the normalcy that drives us while we are at it. We are a regular company with extraordinary powers to make things easy for our customers. While offering ease to you no matter the distance or volume, we are ready to go to any extent to lay down valuable experience.

Our team of experts have not only years of experience but many certificate training courses in order to make sure that they are delivering adequately with the right techniques. From the relocation coordinator to the logistics team, everyone comes together to deliver your consignment effortlessly. Movers and packers nowadays claim to offer great service but we do make sure of it. We perform time-to-time medical checkups and operational audits to make sure that the team is medically fit to deliver the best for our clients. Our expert squad derives the best strategies in order to save up extra costs for your shifting process. Movers and packers like us will only be concerned towards fulfilling your needs and requirements by going unmeasurable miles for you. The complete credit to make our company what it is today goes to the exceptionally talented and experienced team who works day in and day out to offer valuable experience to the customers. Bringing all the services in one place, our team has assisted us in leading the world as a creator of a strong network of packers and movers while assuring quality assistance at every point in time.

Are you looking to shift your household or corporate office locally or interstate? Packer Buddy can be one of the top choice packers and movers to start off this journey with! Crop your queries with us and let us curate the best movers and packers plan for you as they suit all your needs.

Are you looking to shift your household or corporate office locally or interstate? Packer Buddy can be one of the top choice packers and movers to start off this journey with! Crop your queries with us and let us curate the best movers and packers plan for you as they suit all your needs.

In today's challenging world, we understand the cruciality of relocating without any hassle, therefore, we design quality and satisfaction through our packers and movers at a competitive price without compromising on service standards. Find your way to exclusive deals and excellent service with Packer Buddy movers and packers!

Being one of the reputable packers and movers and logistics companies in India, we carve top-notch benefits for you built on the foundation of reliability and trust. We take pride to be India's biggest name in the list of packers and movers aiming to achieve excellence by serving the top professional shifting services. We work consistently towards building new clientele and serving likewise quality to the existing ones.

Packer Buddy's movers and packers list of benefits include:

  • Complete India coverage
  • Easy tracking facility while your consignment is in transit
  • Free quote after you submit your enquiry
  • Expert and trained manpower & logistics team to achieve greatness
  • Covers more than 1000 Indian localities
  • 10+ years of expertise and trust among our clientele
  • Customised packing to ensure the safety of your possessions
  • Expert tactics and strategies to make shifting as easier and more affordable as possible
  • Offers insurance for all your belongings to cover any damage that may befall your items
  • Offers storage services at warehouses with trained staff and a complete security system

If you are moving or planning to move, we can help for sure! Starting from planning the move to executing the entire relocation, we can make every single thing possible. We are a professional and top-most chosen packers and movers company offering free quotes for everyone! By imparting packers and movers service, our prime motive at Packer Buddy is to proficiently lay down paramount customer satisfaction. We offer assured convenience, safety, security, no damage and customised packing along with other primary services.

From covering every locality in India to offering doorstep delivery, everything becomes hassle-free and easy, especially with packers and movers like Packer Buddy who are equipped with expertise, advanced technology and strategic upgradation. Looking for advice while you plan to shift? Take guidance from packers and movers experts!

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We are a professional packing and moving company that offers free quotes for all of our customers.

If you're moving, we can help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the services of Packer Buddy to relocate?

Packer Buddy is India’s one of the top-rated moving companies that provide first-class moving services both local and long-distance. Our company ensures safe and secure moving services while meeting deadlines.

How can I book moving services at Packer Buddy?

To plan your move with us, you can submit a request adding your contact information at www.packerbuddy.com. Our dedicated team work around the clock. We are waiting to help you.

How much time will it take to relocate?

Our crews are highly professional in loading and unloading residential and commercial goods. We ensure to provide you with safe and timely moving services since we carefully pack items and take minimum hours to reach a new location.

Does Packer Buddy provide insurance coverage?

You would be pleased to know that your move will be hassle-free through our travel insured program. There is a possibility of accidental destruction of goods. Hence, it is advisable to get our comprehensive insurance coverage.

Do I need to pay first for the moving services?

You may pay online through online banking, credit cards, net banking, UPI, etc. You will receive an immediate response to pick up and ship the goods to the place you want.

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