Stress-Free Moving: Alleviating Moving Anxiety for Every Family Member

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Did you know that the stress of moving is only surpassed by family bereavement or job loss? The emotional load and the effort for people are enormous. But, although moving without stress may seem like a pipe dream, if we manage ourselves well (and above all in a professional manner), we can avoid unnecessary stress.

Follow a plan and stay psyched

The organization is key to making moves stress-free, especially when it comes to families. You can build on this baseline planning.

Outline with the daily tasks and who will carry them out, the necessary material, the contacts... Unforeseen events are inevitable, so remember not to give them more importance than they deserve.

Start weeks before, packing what you don't need: books, souvenirs, decorations, clothes from another season... If, despite everything, you can't keep up, don't hesitate to ask for reinforcements. These might come from a friend who helps pack utensils, a child or pet sitter, or moving professionals to delegate tasks like packing all your belongings, including clothes.

Focus on the positive if you get discouraged: from decorating the house and new relationships, to the opportunity to clean up and release ballast.

Explore the future neighbourhood. Make a hole to go for a walk there, to eliminate the stress generated by the move and not feel strange in the new location.

Organize symbolic family acts to say goodbye to the house. Do it with gratitude and wish the best for your next inhabitants. Then greet the new home and express your hopes for the future. Getting off to a good start from scratch is always a good idea!

Invite family and friends when you've finally settled down. If they can't go, make a video call to show them around the house. This creates a bond that will make you feel more comfortable in the new home.

An adventure for children

For a child, a move can be hard, as it separates him from his familiar surroundings and friends. For the little ones to experience moving without stress, parents must be determined and optimistic, to give them confidence.

It is also important to involve them: feed their expectations, take them to visit the future house or show them photos and listen to their proposals, especially regarding their room. They will benefit from sorting objects, labeling boxes, and, of course, taking care of their belongings. Reserving a box for the treasures that each child wants to take personally gives them security and makes them feel responsible.

A good idea when you have children is to take advantage of the holidays to move. Although when he is very young it is appreciated to leave him in the nursery or school, when he is a few years old it is better not to break the routine of the course: he will adapt better to the changes if he can associate them with the beginning of the course. Finally, in summer it is easier to spend a few days with the family or camping, which will allow you to focus on the move.

Pets under control

Unaware of what is happening, your furry can sink into anxiety and fear. Book him a room where he can feel safe with his things. Do not wash them these days, because recognizing your smell will relax them when everything is strange to them. It is also advisable to give him access to the carrier so that he gets used to it.

Take him with you during the transfer and then avoid leaving him alone for a long time, because according to experts, he could even consider it abandonment.

Upon arrival, do not force him out of the carrier. Just open it in a safe area and let it go exploring whenever it wants. Immediately place his things so that he learns their location and you do not consider “accidents”. When the nerves, the disorientation, and the urge to mark new territory pass, he will regain his good manners.

Three basic tips for moving without stress

The paperwork, as soon as possible. Reserve days off, request permits, contract insurance or services, modify documentation... Write down the steps involved in moving and do them as soon as possible.

Have what you need on hand. Carry in a suitcase all the basics for the first couple of days: change of clothes, toiletries, medicines, chargers, food for you and your pets...

Place an order before you move… and have it delivered to your new home when you get there. You will appreciate not having to go buy milk, detergent, cleaning products and supplies, or toilet paper for the first few days.

Professional help with moving

A move can be overwhelming. Therefore, having a company that specialized in removals is one of the best things you can do: invest in peace of mind. At, we have been dedicated for more than 20 years to helping people with their move throughout the Community of Madrid (and even abroad), so the sector has no secrets for us.

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Stress-Free Moving: Alleviating Moving Anxiety for Every Family Member

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Did you know that the stress of moving is only surpassed by family bereavement or job loss? The emotional load and the effort for people are enormous.

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