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The date of the furniture move is approaching and everything has to be prepared, from the sofa to the bedroom lamp. Packing and transporting your belongings is a job that will take time, effort, and the occasional headache.

What do we do with the dining room table? Will the showcase arrive safely? Wouldn’t we lose anything?

Even so, some prefer to assume the risks of private transport, especially in small moves without complications. We are going to see how this transfer of furniture and belongings should be managed correctly...

To begin with, it is worth mentioning the differences between postage and removals: postage is limited to transport, with which the handling of the objects will be the responsibility of the owner, while the more complex move usually also includes the packaging of belongings, the disassembly, and assembly of furniture, etc., with which the concerns in this regard will be minimal.

However, when the move is small, it is not uncommon for the owner to want to take on some of the work. If this is your case, here are some tips for you to do it more efficiently and safely.

10 professional tips for moving furniture and belongings

  1. Disassemble large or heavy furniture. Protect larger pieces with shrink wrap or blankets; and for the smaller ones, such as screws or fittings, keep them in a closed bag so as not to lose them. It seems very obvious, but believe us, something so simple will make the subsequent assembly much easier.
  2. Take out the drawers of the furniture to facilitate its transfer. Take the opportunity to use them as boxes, wrapping them in bubble wrap with their contents inside. That way you won't lose anything or have to search to return things to their place.
  3. Choose double-channel cardboard boxes, which are more resistant, and even better if they have handles. If not, make holes in the sides so you can easily grab them.
  4. Reserve the largest boxes for lightweight items, so they don't break due to being overweight and are easy to move. The transfer of heavy objects, however, will be more comfortable in small boxes and suitcases with wheels, or folding platform carts, if you can get hold of one.
  5. Write in each box its content or the room in which it will go. If the box contains something fragile, make it very clear with a marker on all its sides, and draw arrows to indicate the direction in which it has to be placed. Also indicate your name, your telephone number, and the destination address. This is especially important if the furniture transfer is going to be shared, that is, different orders will be included in the same vehicle, something frequent that allows cheaper transport to other locations.
  6. Properly protect delicate objects with bubble wrap or any other wrapping that prevents bumps and scratches. Also put padding in the boxes, such as chips, newspaper, or airbags, so that the things inside do not move or hit each other during transport.
  7. Remember to keep liquids in well-sealed plastic bags, so that if they spill, you won't be even more upset. If you transport dangerous or flammable products, mark them clearly on the boxes or, better yet, take them uncovered, so that they can be distinguished by the naked eye.
  8. Take the clothes on the hangers. Put it together with them directly in suitcases or large bags. Then all you have to do is take it out and hang it in place.
  9. Avoid messes with electronic components, cables, power strips, chargers, etc. Take a picture of them before you unplug them and put them in little bags with your identification. That way you won't find yourself later wondering where everything is plugged in.
  10. Prepare a bag or box with important documents, and valuables, and keep it close at hand, well-guarded.

Do you feel prepared to do your own porting?

Although preparing everything yourself is a possibility, it requires a good deal of effort, both physical and organizational, and is not exempt from risks that range from destroying your favorite crockery to straining your back. For this reason, when faced with a size or move, it is worth evaluating the option of resorting to trusted professionals, who can handle the most diverse situations with ease. At, we put at your disposal a team of true professionals, serious and responsible, who also work with excellent quality packaging materials so that your belongings travel perfectly protected.

More incentives to use our services? If the furniture is very large or difficult to handle, as well as if the accesses are not the best (narrow stairs, doors through which the furniture does not enter), it may be good for you to know that you have the possibility of renting a lifting platform with an operator in India: we take care of everything: raising, lowering, assembly and handling of the crane... Very useful in the case of cabinets, sofas, sofas...

If you need a place to store or store your belongings, you can also use our cheap furniture storage in the metro area. They have 24-hour surveillance.

Find out without obligation about our services and guarantees and ask us for your free estimate. Together we will make your furniture transfer in the metro area a safe and positive experience.

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