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Bangalore, often known as Bengaluru, serves as the state capital of Karnataka in India. It is a vibrant city with a diversified population and a booming economy. Bangalore is renowned for its IT industry, nice climate, and lush surroundings. If you're planning to move to Bangalore and looking for the best residential areas to live in, this blog is for you. But with the growing cost of living in the city, finding cheap home alternatives might be difficult. However, there are still several Bangalore neighbourhoods with lower rent and living costs. This article will go through the top 21 residential areas in Bangalore ranging from posh to cheapest localities that are well-liked by both locals and foreigners.  


Starting with the posh areas, first on the list comes Indiranagar. It is one of Bangalore's most well-liked residential neighbourhoods. Its tree-lined streets, hip cafés, and pubs set it apart from other areas of the city. With convenient access to other sections of the city, Indiranagar is a well-developed neighbourhood. It's handy to reside there since many parks, schools, hospitals, and marketplaces are nearby. But renting or buying a house here might be expensive. There is never a dull moment in Indiranagar.  


Koramangala is the second residential area on our list and is a neighbour of Indiranagar. It is another well-liked residential neighbourhood in Bangalore, located in the city's southeast. It is renowned for its exciting nightlife, chic cafés, and dining establishments. Residing there is handy since many parks, schools, hospitals, and marketplaces are nearby. For people who work in the field of IT, Koramangala is a wonderful location because it is a hub for the IT industry. There are several retail centres and restaurants in this metropolitan region. In fact, this area is home to The Forum Mall, one of South India's largest retail malls. The region boasts several luxurious residential flats, although just a few places provide less expensive lodging.  

Richmond Town

In the centre of Bangalore, Karnataka, India, sits Richmond Town, a well-known residential neighbourhood and third on our list. One of Bangalore's oldest areas, it has a long history that dates to the colonial era. From a transportation standpoint, it's simple to find buses, cabs, and cars to take you wherever in the city. In the centre of Bangalore, Karnataka, India, sits Richmond Town, a well-known residential neighbourhood. From a transportation standpoint, it's simple to find buses, cabs, and cars to take you wherever in the city. Known for its opulent houses, bungalows, and flats, Richmond Town is an affluent neighbourhood. Many schools, hospitals, and shopping malls are in the region, which is well connected to the rest of the city. Moreover, Richmond Town is a well-liked location for golf fans because it also houses the Bangalore Golf Club. 

M.G Road

MG Road (brief for Mahatma Gandhi Road) is a prominent business and entertainment area in the centre of Bangalore, India. M.G. Road's residential possibilities are highly pricey, owing mostly to its location. It's a busy street with stores, restaurants, cafés, and pubs. MG Road also contains several notable monuments and tourist sites and is also one of the busiest parts of the city. And for these reasons, M.G Road occupies 4th place on our list. 

Rajaji Nagar

Rajaji Nagar is one of Bangalore's prominent localities that is a mixture of residential properties, business ventures, education & medical facilities, restaurants, playgrounds, parks, etc. Rajaji Nagar is one of the largest suburbs in Bangalore that has a great physical infrastructure via MBTC buses, railway station and Namma metro connectivity.


Jayanagar is a quiet and lush residential neighbourhood in Bangalore's south and is in 5th place on our list. It is one of the city's earliest planned neighbourhoods, having been built in the 1940s and including a mix of independent houses, flats, and bungalows. Living in the centre of this region might be pricey, but if you can afford it, nothing compares to it. It is well-connected to the rest of the city and is recognized for having a high standard of living. 


One of the fast-growing residential neighbourhoods in Bangalore, Whitefield is well known for having an active and growing information technology (IT) industry and global corporations taking the 7th rank in our list. Whitefield also has a great physical infrastructure and is considered a safe and secure place by our professional packers and movers in Bangalore. As of now, the higher cost of living becomes a great barrier for the residents wanting to shift here. Whitefield consists of various parks, schools, and hospitals, making it a handy place to reside.

HSR Layout

 HSR Layout (short for Hosur-Sarjapur Road Layout) is a popular residential area located in the southeastern part of Bangalore and occupies the sixth position on our list. Developed in the early 2000s, it is relatively a new area, but unquestionably an affluent suburb. HSR Layout is a well-planned neighbourhood that is known for its wide, tree-lined streets, parks, well-planned drainage system, wide roads, and tranquil atmosphere. HSR Layout is divided into several sectors, each with its own set of amenities like schools, supermarkets, and parks. It is a predominantly middle-class neighbourhood, with a mix of independent houses, apartments, and villas. The area is well-connected to the rest of the city, with several major roads and public transportation options like buses, metro trains, and some of the top hospitals. This neighbourhood assures you are well taken care of. 

BTM Layout

BTM Layout is a prominent Bangalore residential neighbourhood recognized for its economical housing options and easy access to other parts of the city. Because it is adjacent to ITPL and Electronics City, BTM is one of the greatest places for working professionals and is in the eighth position on our list. It is easily accessible by public transportation and is a popular choice for young professionals as well as families. 

Bannerghatta Road

Being another renowned Bangalore residential neighbourhood, Bannerghatta Road has a length of 49 kilometres. With this, Bannerghatta Road has become one of Bangalore's most crucial roadways. While it is notorious for its traffic, the city is also famed given its exceptionally beautiful flats, villas, and bungalows. The neighbourhood is well-connected to the rest of the city by public transportation and houses several schools, hospitals, retail complexes, and restaurants.   

KR Puram

Krishnarajapuram, often known as KR Puram, is a prominent residential area on Bangalore's eastern outskirts and is on the cheaper side in terms of housing. It is well-connected to other sections of the city through the Outer Ring Road, the Old Madras Road, and the Bangalore Metro. It is made up of a variety of separate houses, flats, and villas that appeal to a wide range of requirements and interests. It boasts a well-established social infrastructure, including multiple schools, hospitals, and commercial malls. It is also noted for its greenery and parks, with public areas like the KR Puram Lake and the BBMP Park offering people a calm refuge. As a result, KR Puram is an excellent area to reside in Bangalore, particularly for Its low cost of living and high quality of life. 


Sarjapur is a booming Bangalore residential neighbourhood recognized for its serene setting and accessibility to the area's IT centres. Moreover, Sarjapur is regarded as one of Bangalore's safest residential areas and it grabs ninth place on our list. This neighbourhood is well-linked to Whitefield, the Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Koramangala, and other areas. The neighbourhood has a mix of both expensive and affordable quality housing and has excellent access to the rest of the city. Sarjapur is also regarded as one of Bangalore's safest residential areas. 

Electronic City

 Electronic City is well-known for its superb infrastructure, which includes multiple IT parks, industrial parks, and educational institutions. The Hosur Road and the NICE Ring Road connect it to other sections of the city. Its strong public transit options, including multiple BMTC buses and metro trains, combined with a low cost of living make it a fantastic spot to live in Bangalore, particularly for people working in the IT business or seeking a fast-paced and exciting lifestyle. 


Malleswaram is a renowned residential neighbourhood despite being one of the city's oldest residential areas. It is recognized for its rich history, cultural legacy, and stunning temples. Malleswaram has excellent transit choices, including the metro, buses, and auto-rickshaws. It is a tranquil and green area with various parks and gardens that provide people with a relaxing ambience. Residing in Malleswaram can guarantee you one thing, i.e., significant savings. Moreover, there are many pocket-friendly eateries in this residential area which serves as a bonus.   


 Residing in Marathalli, which is a suburb of Bangalore, may be rather affordable. Because Marathahalli offers a large variety of less expensive lodging alternatives, it is quite popular with students and especially IT professionals. In terms of communication and transportation, the outer ring road connects this region to Domlur, Electronic City, Whitefield, and other significant IT clusters. 


 Kammanahali is a hustling-bustling residential area situated in the northeastern part of Bangalore. Recently, it was established as a cosmopolitan area compared to the rest of the areas in Bangalore. The locality houses certain noteworthy old temples and markets and has great connectivity to other parts of the city. Kammanahali is popular for its vibrant atmosphere, diverse population, and convenient location. In addition to this, several restaurants, cafes, and shops are located here. Given its cheap housing options and proximity to household amenities, Kammanahali is a popular choice for young professionals as well as families.


 Banashankari: Banashankari is known for its serene ambience and tree-lined avenues. The part is located in Bangalore's southern part. The area has a high variety of housing alternatives, from affordable flats to lavish villas, making it a desirable location for families as well as working professionals.


Hebbal is a well-developed residential area in Bangalore that is known for its upscale homes and scenic beauty. This area is located outside of Bangalore and has excellent access to the city thanks to the Hebbal flyover. The locality is home to several high-end hotels and is well-connected to other parts of the city. As it provides all the amenities and infrastructure needed for a contemporary lifestyle, an increasing number of immigrants want to reside in this area. 


 Southeast of Bangalore is where Bellandur is situated. It is a residential neighbourhood that is quickly expanding. Due to the existence of multiple IT parks and the influx of skilled workers, the region has experienced a substantial expansion in recent years. This has resulted in making Bellandur one of Bangalore's most popular residential neighbourhoods where living is not only affordable but also full of life. 


Basavanagudi is a traditional residential area located in the southern part of Bangalore. It is renowned for its old temples, peaceful tree-lined avenues, and heritage residences that have been kept in good condition. Thus, it becomes the ideal place for people who want to live in peace in a culturally rich area and that too at affordable prices. Not only that, many cafes, restaurants, and markets are also present in the locality. It is well connected with other areas of the city.  


Last but not least on the list is Yelahanka. One of the planned townships with the highest population growth, Yelahanka is in North Bangalore and is comparatively calmer and greener than the other residential areas of the city. There are many lodgings accessible to fit your needs in terms of lifestyle and price range. For those who would rather live in quiet away from the bustle of the city, this is the ideal location. 

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