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In today’s times, moving and packing companies come up with eco friendly solutions as a wave towards amelioration of environment-safe packaging has begun. Since packaging materials contribute to environmental degradation to a great extent. The consumer perspective is shifting toward zero waste and sustainable packing with an aim to manage the waste stream.

Here are a few tips to help you adopt eco friendly ways to save the ecology. The packers and movers in Mumbai let you know about the sustainable practices of packaging:

Reuse Containers Available at Your Home

Relocation entails a lot of planning and preparation, but we often overlook packing material that is required for shipping. Still, you need to deal with a lot of things while moving to a new place. Reusing plastic cartons can help in better transition when shifting to a new place. One of the best perks of using reusable items is that it reduces your packing expenses as you don't need to buy new packing material.

Packer Buddy offers packers and movers services in Mumbai using reusable plastic containers to avoid plastic pollution. Even though containers are financially approachable and ecologically appropriate.

Effective Transportation through Paperboard Packaging

Utilizing Paper and Paperboard Packaging during the process of moving is the most eco-friendly methodology. It is lightweight and protects goods easily.  Paper packaging can be reused as many things, such as wrapping paper, fiberboard, and paper sacks. Besides, improved paper bags allow dry goods to be wrapped safely. Paper-based packaging material is generally available of recycled paper as our paperboards provide functional packaging that stands amidst keeping goods safe at an affordable price.

Paper packaging provides convenience in transitions as well as superior protection while packing lightweight goods such as dry foodstuff, kitchen utensils, etc.

Bubble Wrap Keeps Goods Safe and Secure

To ship fragile goods bubble wrap keeps goods safe and secure during conveyance. Bubbles act as a sturdy barrier against the material made up of glass and ceramic items while moving. Bubble wrap can almost be reused unless it’s been significantly damaged. Hence, it is a more eco-friendly option compared to other types of packaging.

When you are shipping bulk items, this light packaging material manages your shipping cost and weight. In this way, you can avoid any damage during storage and in transit. Bubble Wrap is lightweight, so you do not have to pay for its freight costs. Moreover, bubble wrap can be recycled, and reused to avoid landfills.

Bubble Wraps are available in various forms, such as bubble wrap rolls, sheets, and bags. So you can choose according to your requirements to make your move convenient and cost-effective.

Use Glassine to Wrap Luxury Items

Glassine is a sustainable packaging material. A kind of smooth and glossy paper is a good option to envelope luxury items. It is considered a sustainable packaging material instead of plastic packing bags. Glassine is made from wood pulp which is recyclable and biodegradable. This translucent and durable material can contribute effectively to your sustainable moving journey. It will make your accessories visible and give you a delightful unpacking experience as you don't need to find the displayed items when you might mess up with unpacking goods.

Packer Buddy relocation organisation use these multiple uses paper for your hassle-free moving experience. Glassine paper evades the damage from spilling and rubbing so it is an excellent alternative to plastic material at times of transporting your belongings to a new place.

Use Cornstarch Straws Instead of Plastic Boxes

Corn starch is a new material that is made from fermented sugars, usually cornstarch. The corn-based packaging material is preferred by Packer Buddy packers and movers in Mumbai.⠀

Because it is beneficial for the environment and your belongings. Since this biodegradable packaging material has myriad benefits when you are shifting to a new location. Cornstarch packaging is affordable and readily available for packing goods whether foodstuff or other home accessories. Even though it can be utilized in the long term for further use.

Starch packaging materials are 100% biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable. It can be used to pack all kinds of goods and is considered a safe alternative for the conveyance of goods.

Your ultimate shifting partner, Packer Buddy are taking steps to provide relocation services using the eco-friendly packaging of goods for hauling. We ensure that our teams provide safe and sustainable moving services to the customers. In addition, we ensure your move is stress-free.

For all kinds of shifting needs, Packer Buddy is here to assist you with sustainable moving services.

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