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Finally, it’s the day you have been waiting for, the relocation day or as some say “D-day”. But wait. Many people aren’t aware of the activities they must perform themselves before handing the shifting task over to their relocation partner. If you are worried about how the home-shifting process in any city will unfold, today you will understand several aspects in this article. You have probably heard or read some stories describing hassle-free and smooth relocations. And you must have come across even more accounts of problematic and stressful shifting experiences. 

You don’t need to worry about a disastrous moving experience if you have chosen Packer Buddy, the best packers and movers in the market. It is a one-stop platform for all your moving and packing needs. Even though Packer Buddy can efficiently carry out the whole relocation process: from packing your first box in the old place to unpacking the last box in the new place, you should make a clear plan on your behalf so that everything goes well. 

You should start planning before D-day arrives and pay close attention to even the smallest of the details that may, later on, affect the relocation process. Even when you have booked Packer Buddy, you can do several things that can speed up the relocation process while minimizing the setbacks. Here are the 11 most important things you can do before the arrival of movers and packers.

Remove unwanted items from the house

The number of goods predominantly determines the cost of the shifting process. It’s always better to sort things out and get rid of unwanted things before the arrival of the movers and packers. This will get you one step closer to a smooth relocation procedure. You can sell or donate all the items you no longer need to NGOs. This will save you time and money.  

Clean and organize

While sorting things out, ensure that the items to be packed in the boxes are clean and in working condition. Packing things without checking on them will only cause a waste of time as some items might be far beyond working condition. You might also not want damaged furniture, dirty appliances, and stained fabrics to be placed with new items. You can start by emptying the drawers, cabinets, closets, bookshelves, etc. Remove the bedsheets, cover pieces like cushions, etc., and pack them all separately while labelling them simultaneously. Switch off and unplug all the electrical appliances. Don’t forget to remove the batteries from the appliances.  

Pack essential items and keep them separately

You cannot unpack all the stuff in one day after shifting. So, you need to prepare a kit of essential items that you cannot survive without. This kit can include your medications, extra clothing pair, toiletries, and many other items. After packing this survival kit, keep it aside so that movers don’t pack them with other boxes. 

Secure personal data and valuable belongings

You must separate your valuable items and personal belongings like documents, jewellery, bank information, passports, etc. as no one besides you can have access to this kind of private information. You need to pack them securely so you don’t lose them during the shifting process. Our home shifting services in Mathura takes good care of all your belongings in order to eliminate all possible discrepancies.

Create an inventory

After sorting and packing all the items that you will be moving personally, you are left with only the items that packers and movers are responsible for moving. Your next step should be to design an inventory so that can you cross-check the items once the shifting process is over. This will also help you to claim the insurance in case an of your goods are missing or damaged. 

Prepare appliances and furniture

You should measure the doors and windows of your place so that you can plan out an accurate escape route. Not all furniture and appliances are of the same size. In case the doorway is smaller than the size of the furniture or appliance, you need to either dissemble the furniture piece or appliance. When you have determined the simplest and easiest way to take the items out, ensure that the pathway is free of any obstacles and is safe. If you are not going to perform this task, at least you can instruct the movers so that they can pack and move things accordingly.  

Plan for children and pets for D-day

It is best if you leave your children and pets at your relatives, or friends’ house or with a babysitter. This will help you focus on the moving process without worrying about children or pets getting hurt throughout the relocation. You will also be able to concentrate on urgent matters at hand. 

Consider the weather conditions for D-day in advance

Carrying out the relocation process during rainy or cold weather can be a challenging task. You should take precautions based on the atmospheric conditions predicted by weather forecasters. Wear appropriate clothes and cover the floors with rugs or newspapers in case of rainy weather. This will protect the floor from getting dirty. It is recommended to pack all your stuff in plastic wraps to protect it from dirt and prevent it from getting wet.  

Be present and available on D-day

Your presence on a moving day is crucial as it will be determining whether the preparations you made will come in handy or not. You will be able to provide appropriate directions, information, and assistance to packers and movers. 

Take photos

Taking photos of everything is one of the fun tasks you can perform on D-day before the movers arrive. This will serve as proof of the prior conditions of the items before they were packed. Thus, assisting in claiming insurance in case of an item is missing or damaged. Most of all, it will serve as a loving memory of your old place. 

Double-check everything

It is always advised to double-check the property before the moving process. You can go through every corner of the property to ensure nothing is left behind. Check the drawers, closets, cabinets, and counters in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and the basement. Moreover, carry some extra bogs and boxes, in case something is left to pack even at the last moment. 

Although it’s not necessary, you can make an effort of offering snacks and refreshments to the movers. This will recharge their energy levels. You can always tip them for their work to show your gratitude and appreciate their hard work. Most of all, it’s important to maintain a positive atmosphere throughout the relocation process. This makes dealing with unexpected problems easier. Trust the Packer Buddy’s flawless moving process while you sit back and enjoy your moving adventure.

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