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Shifting is an obviously overwhelming process, it comes with extremely happy emotions, however, the struggles and obstacles at the later end of the relocation are never discussed leading to miserable conditions for the families and yourself.

If you are shifting with your family, you might have extra hands for assistance but shifting individually is another challenge because all you have is a lot of management and work to do but the helper is only you. It is true that one can never be fully prepared for any task, however, you can still try your best to avoid the problems that you may face while preparing for the grand move.

There are many problems you may face during the process of shifting, and many times we are unaware of these problems leading to even bigger problems while settling down in the new space. Eliminate the problems and make your journey smooth and convenient.

Read the article below and be prepared for these problems that you are going to face after you shift to your new place.

Carry a New Set of Locks and a Key

How can you be sure that no one of the previous owners or maintenance people has another set of keys for the same lock that your space has? Always change the main lock and key set to ensure your safety at the new place.

It may also be possible that you won’t have any lock and key at your new home at all so it is always a good idea to carry one set with you. Safety is always the first priority for everyone, to ensure that the new home, your family and yourself, get a new lock as soon as you get the keys for the new house.

Unloading Strategy

Even when we hire the services of packers and movers, we must consider discussing the unloading strategy with them keeping all the things in mind about the destination of your belongings. Most people don’t visit the new space personally which makes it difficult for the relocation company to arrange the necessary equipment to unload the items in your new place. Try to visit your new place personally once before shifting and click pictures of the route.

If you are shifting to an apartment building, count the number of floors and ask the building owner how the items can be unloaded at the place. After that, you can inform your shifting partner so that you can properly shift to your new place without any errors.

Gas Connection

Your new house will not have an instant gas connection so cooking may not be possible there for a few days after you shift, however, the pre-planning for this is that you buy an affordable induction to at least make meals for a few days till the time you don’t get a gas connection.

If you plan to shift during a set of holidays or weekends, you must know that applying for a gas connection may take a few working days, so cooking and heading off on this new journey will become easier if you already have an induction. In addition to this, you may also want to pack a few bulbs and home improvement tools to make minor arrangements at your new home.

Medical First-Aid

Emergencies and accidents never announce themselves before getting in our way, it is we who need to be extra careful and prepared for the same. Most of the people who shift to new places have absolutely no idea about the surroundings of the locality because they are so busy adjusting to the new lifestyle.

Therefore, you must prepare a medical care kit in order to treat yourself at home till the time you are not able to reach the hospital in case of emergencies. Also, you can set up your speed dial contacts with someone who is near you or can attend to you physically in times of any medical extremity.

Keep juice, chocolates, lemon, salt, sugar, water bottle, etc with you. Along with this, you must also keep medicines for minor problems such as high/low blood pressure, vomiting, antiseptic creams, gels, sprays, band-aids, and pain relief tape. Additionally, here is the list of first-aid kit items that you can store while shifting.

Cleaning the New Space

Certain people don’t know but this is actually the job of the new people to clean their new house space because once your belongings are set up, cleaning won’t be possible at all. Before your packers and movers begin their journey to drop off your items, you must reach the new spot one or two days prior to them.

Begin the task of cleanliness and make it seem like a place is meant for you. For regular purposes, you can also look for a maid in the new locality in order to clean the house. Cleaning may be tough for you if you are shifting individually, therefore, hiring a maid for the purpose will be a big help for you as well as the cleanliness of your house.


Shifting to a new apartment or house can be made easier if we are aware of the problems that we are going to face along with getting a solution for the same. Relocation is an activity that is not done quite many times by people so they cannot explore the obstacles they might face.

Moreover, being an expert in the packing and moving field, we know and ins and outs of relocation and how to deal with the problems while we are at it.

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