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Residential shifting does come with a lot of hassle, effort and guides to simply understand what to do and how to proceed with the further steps. But have you ever thought how effortless and convenient it becomes if all we do is plan and then move according to that plan?

Half our tensions get faded away and more than half the things can be easily managed without leaving any stone unturned. All one requires for a residential relocation is a plan and a guide but what we don’t realise is that we also require a guide to unpack stuff after the shifting is completed. If you are someone struggling with unpacking the stuff after relocation to your new house, keep reading this blog.

Finding it tough to decide what to unpack first and what not to? Find your ultimate guide for unpacking after your residential relocation. Here are a few points that you must ensure after you shift to your new house with your family:

Start with the Kitchen Accessories

Unpacking the smaller items is a bigger task and kitchen items are a lot to manage while unpacking, however, kitchen items are quite essential from the very day one shift to a new place. Therefore, unpack the kitchen items so that one can easily cook and feed the family. The items in a kitchen are a regular part of our daily lives, from utensils to raw food items, everything is necessary.

Hence, delaying its unpacking is an activity that may end in vain. Arranging kitchen utensils and appliances before unpacking other household items may save you a lot of time and hassle. Arrange the appliances and utensils in the kitchen cupboards so that cooking and other related stuff may become easier and hassle-free for you.

Unpack Toiletries

Toiletries are also one of the essentials that one needs to unpack. The first thing most people prefer after a tiring journey and shifting is a warm relaxing shower which is only possible if we unpack the toiletries before anything else. Personal care items, and towels, among other basic toiletry items, require to get unpacked so that bathing and freshening may become easier with all the untidiness and relocation stress one has.

Organise At least One Bedroom

Resting and relaxing are very important especially after we are extremely tired after relocation. For proper resting, one needs to make sure that they are setting up bedrooms with basic items such as bed, bedsheets, pillows, dressing table, wardrobes, etc. There are a lot of things to unpack and manage especially after residential shifting where you are shifting along with your family.

Setting up one bedroom will assist you to manage the mess at your new home and before this mess turns you into an irritating person, organize your bedroom and your bedroom belongings so that you can go on to further settling process.

Unpack Kid’s Essentials

After unpacking all the essential household items, now you must unpack your kid's essentials. The biggest impact of relocation can ruin your kid's life and mental state. Relocation for kids is extremely sensitive, therefore, we require to make it a little easier for them in every possible way. Unpack the essential items of your kids per their regular requirements.

First, their medicines, clothes, books and study material and toys make them feel at home. Set up their rooms the way they were in your old house, and make the environment livable for them so that it gets easy for them to settle at the new house.

Get Electrical Fittings Done

Shifting to a new home may be less hassle if we do the needful before the need ever arises. The problem doubles especially when the essential activities are left unattended such as getting electrical fittings for the light, fans and ACs among many other things. Therefore, get the electrical fittings done before it is either too late or it turns your shifting in a disaster.

Place Items Inside Cupboards

Many people find it difficult to figure out where to place the items such as juicers in the kitchen, makeup boxes in the dressing room and carpets for the dining room. However, the more you can cover up your items, the more classy your house may end up looking. This is why people prefer more cupboard spaces to store the items used occasionally.

Try to keep all items inside the cupboards and available spaces so that the house can breathe without too many items. Assemble and organise the items based on their basic everyday need. You can use the cupboard spaces to store items such as plates, spoons, glasses, mixer, juicer, etc.

Plan Decluttering

Decluttering is a crucial part of packing in both your homes, old and new ones. Sometimes when we pack things, we can’t picture the management of so much stuff in our new homes, but when we reach there, we find that there are a few items that wouldn’t even require in this new place. If you have decluttered the belongings at your old house that doesn’t mean that you would not require to do it at the new one. Just as you go on setting up your new home, keep unnecessary items aside and get rid of them as soon as possible so that you can avoid too much mess around your new house.

Here are some tips to declutter at your new house:

  • Check the working of all the appliances
  • Don't crowd your home with unnecessary items
  • Donate old clothes, shoes, makeup items, etc
  • Watch your house area by area to declutter
  • If you haven't used an item in the past 6 months, you probably should get rid of it

Sometimes our new house ends up looking like a storeroom with a whole lot of stuff lying around the house and yet we are not able to figure out if we have to keep those items or should we give them away. This is something every person will relate to.

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