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Shifting a two-wheeler locally or even intercity can be tough, particularly if you are required to use public transportation at your new destination. Local transport can be extremely inconvenient as well as financially draining. Isn't it preferable to travel in a vehicle that you used to own in your prior city? You can now do so by easily transporting your two-wheeler. Now you don't have to stress about it because shifting a two-wheeler in another city or state is not a problem at all. You can transfer your vehicles anywhere for a reasonable price and provide local transportation!

It is a common misconception in India that transporting two-wheelers by another public transport service is a difficult procedure. However, transporting your motorbike by rail is much simpler if you know the right way to do it. In practice, transporting two-wheelers by railway is also far less costly and, most likely, the safest option.

We've covered everything you need to know about your bike transit via trains in this blog. This can help to explain the procedure and rules to be followed when calling the rail authority.

Transport a Bike via Indian Railways

Transporting a bike becomes easier if you follow the right strategies. Typically, there are two options that you can consider when planning to transport a two-wheeler by train in India. You can transport it like luggage or by parcel. If you consider sending the bike to be picked up at another station or the destination, then you can opt for parcel service, however, if you are travelling on the same train then you can easily opt to transport it as your luggage.

Procedure for Bike Transportation by Train as Luggage

Transporting your vehicle as luggage can be a quick procedure if you follow the right steps. Here are some of the steps you must follow while bike shifting via train. Taking it with you as luggage can cost a bit much but it can also avoid the hassle of especially picking up the bike at the destination if you travel in a different vehicle.

  • Arrive at the railway baggage registration office at least 2-3 hours prior to your train's departure time because packing, draining the gasoline tank, and labelling the motorcycle all take time.
  • Bring copies of all pertinent papers, such as the RC of the motorcycle, ID evidence, and the journey ticket, to the luggage booking office at the train station.
  • Fill out the baggage registration form with the necessary information and pay for their services.
  • Let professionals pack and transport your bike.
  • Keep your baggage booking document and railway ticket endorsement with you.
  • When you reach the target stop, take your train ticket and baggage booking receipt to the luggage office.
  • A dispatch or transportation document will be issued by the officials.
  • Take your bicycle from the allocated train compartment.

Procedure for Bike Transportation by Train as Parcel

If you choose bike parcel service via Indian railways, it may be significantly less pricey as compared to transporting a bike as luggage on a train. If you make bike parcel service reservations in advance, you can conveniently expect the delivery within 5-6 days at your destination.

  • Visit the parcel office on the day of your transfer or the day before you want your bike relocated. Carry all necessary papers to complete the appointment.
  • You can have your bike properly packed or do it yourself.
  • Fill out the bike package form with the required details, including the chassis and engine number of the cycle, and then make the payments. Collect the package ticket or parcel waybill proof.
  • Mark the cycle with the ticket receipt number for simple recognition when it arrives.
  • The rail officials will decide which train will take the cycle to its location. So, check the arrival date and time at the parcel office before you depart.
  • Pick up your bike within 48 hours of it being moved to the train officials' warehouse. They impose extra fees if the delay surpasses 48 hours.
  • Bring the parcel booking paperwork with you when you go to pick up the cycle. For quick retrieval, look for the cycle receipt number on the bike.

What are bike transportation charges via train?

Starting from the packing charges may vary from 300 INR to 1000 INR based on the quality of the packing material to be used.

Furthermore, if we talk about transportation fees, the delivery cost depends solely upon the weight of the bike and the destination of the bike where it has to be delivered or dropped.

Next comes the insurance cost of the bike. Now insurance cost is dependent upon the value of the bike. Extra charges do not apply to price reports for bike transit up to Rs 10,000. The insurance charge will then be 3% of the declared value of your bike.

Documents you Require for Two-Wheeler Transport by Train

Before you transport your bike via train by any of the two mentioned mediums, you must come in handy with all the necessary documents to ensure a safe and smooth bike shifting. Here is a list of essential documents that you might require while your bike shifting via train:

  • If you choose the luggage option, you need a reservation ticket.
  • Your vehicle's reservation certification.
  • Photocopy of your bike's insurance paper.
  • Your own government-issued proof such as passport, aadhaar card, driving license, voter ID card, pan card, etc.

How to prepare for transporting your bike by train?

  • Pre-plan and avoid any last-minute planning.
  • Carry your bike early to the railway station in order to avoid any on-time troubles and delays.
  • Keep the required documents handy to make the process quick and easy.
  • As a parcel, you cannot send additional bike equipment such as extra tires or helmets.
  • Turn the ignition off and keep the keys with your safely.
  • Try to dismantle the mirrors of the motorcycle and get them packed separately.

Rules for Bike Transport by the Indian Railways authorities

  • The engine and chassis numbers of the motorcycle must be mentioned in the packing form because they will be confirmed at delivery.
  • Empty the gasoline tank before moving your bike by rail. For breaking this regulation, a fine of Rs. 1000 can be applied.
  • If your bike is damaged or destroyed in a train mishap, the rail officials will compensate you based on the stated worth of the bike.
  • If you are unable to offload and collect your bike from the target station, you can rebook a package with rai officials at the closest train station and collect your bike.


Moving the vehicle, especially a two-wheeler is indeed a challenge, but not if you do it with efficiency and understanding. Want professional and more personalized care for your bike transportation? We move all types of transportation devices, including motorcycles, cars, and other automobiles. Because transportation has altered human life in unimaginable ways, not being able to shift them to new locations you relocate is one issue that still needs to be addressed; fortunately, Packerbuddy packers and movers can help you efficiently shift your motorcycle anywhere you want! We have done over 1200 vehicle and bike relocations in India, making us one of the best relocation partners in the nation.

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