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Vehicle transportation is one of the points where one requires to be attentive to ensure safety and security. Most people drive their vehicles on their own to their destinations without realizing that it becomes an expensive and tiring deal for their pockets and their vehicle. Therefore, must consider hiring a transportation company for the same.

The companies that offer transport services ensure great flexibility and professionalism, however, when you don’t hire them, your vehicles may not be shifted efficiently. At the same time, even if you hire a car or bike transportation service, you may seem to back down with a few mistakes leading to inefficient shifting.

Today, let’s understand what things you must avoid or be prepared for while you are planning to hire a shifting service for your vehicle transportation.

You Don’t Buy Insurance

Not having insurance is the worst mistake any individual can make because your vehicle may get scratched or even worse while in transit. Never risk the safety of your vehicle simply because of a few bucks, buy insurance so that you can claim it later on if your vehicle gets damaged.

Other than this, many people are not aware of the type of insurance they must get while transporting their vehicles. Basically, there are 3 types of insurance Personal Auto Insurance, Liability Coverage, and Supplemental Insurance.

Ask your transport service provider which can be suitable for the type of vehicle you are shifting in order to get the best benefits of their insurance services.

Hiring is Based on Just Price

If you are someone who hires a packer and mover based on their price and not the additional services they offer, this is the biggest mistake you would do. Choosing a cheaper option may be a great way to save money in your pockets, however, it may cost you in the longer run, especially if we consider that a vehicle is the greatest asset to everyone. Checking the company and their services is also considered because a company that offers low-cost transportation may not have a great reputation in the market and it may lead to several downfalls for your vehicles.

Low cost may also mean that the company excludes several benefits such as insurance coverage, proper packing of vehicles, timely delivery and a lot of other issues. Therefore, it is crucial to find companies that have a good reputation, review, and are reliable.

Not Emptying the Documents from the Vehicle

Several vehicle owners forget to take the documents out of their vehicles which later on becomes a point of dispute between the company and the customer. Therefore, Packer Buddy personally suggests its customers to vacate their car or bike from all the documents such as driving licence, car or bike ownership documents, loan documents, pollution documents, and other crucial papers that may cause huge losses to you. Usually, car transportation reminds you to remove all the removable items from your vehicle in order to start the journey without any potential errors, however, it must be your own responsibility too.

Packing Items that are Prohibited

This is something that most individuals don't know about this point but several items in the packing service companies are prohibited and this may lead to delayed delivery and even cancellation of delivery. Therefore, take care of this point to ensure the safety of your vehicle as well as yourself.

Prohibited items must not be kept in the vehicle that is supposed to be transported such as oil, pets, sensitive documents, flammable solids or liquids, explosives and ammunition, etc. Therefore, deep-check your cars or bikes before handing them over to the transport company for the shifting purpose.

Not Inspecting the Vehicle Upon Delivery

Many a time, vehicles have several damages on them during the transport which fail to be caught by a normal vision. The inspection must be done before you hand your car over to the transport company as well as after it is delivered to your place. Make sure you check your car or bike for potential damages so that you can claim with the company later if necessary.

Not inspecting the vehicle may lead to difficulty in claiming the damage after you have settled the dues with the company and also later on, to prove that the damage on your vehicle is caused by the transport service. Therefore, the general way to prove it is to inspect and keep pictures with you so that the claim process can be carried out without any errors.


There are many things which you must consider before finalising shifting for your vehicles. Cars and bikes are delicate yet valuable assets in our lives that we cannot take lightly. Not considering any of the above-mentioned points may lead to permanent damage to your vehicle which may not be rectified at all. Therefore, make sure you save this blog so that next time you shift, you can eliminate all these errors on time.

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