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The burden put on our lives due to the shifting scenario sometimes becomes unbearable, however, not if we plan it brilliantly. The biggest part of our lives is when we relocate to a new space, then why should we compromise due to the financial aspect?

There are many ways one can use to manage the financial strain relocation brings along with it. Hence, here are some simple yet effective tips one must use in order to reduce our house relocation charges.

Plan your Relocation

Without a plan, your shifting may not end up successful. For any kind of shifting, planning is a must even if you are hiring a relocation expert. Planning for the shift may assist you in preventing many problems that may occur during the relocation process and also, they help you in drafting a solution for any kind of emergency situation.

If you already have decided to shift on a prior basis, then you might want to start planning it from the current time only. Planning does not only involve choosing the relocation expert, it involves sorting what items you are planning to take with you and discarding the ones you won't need at your new place. These simple ways will help you in reducing your relocation charges since you will get your required items shifted only.

Putting forth an urgent date for shifting will lead to an increase in the shifting charges by the relocation company. Therefore, planning it in advance will always give you an edge without putting much pressure on your pocket. Plan your shifting in a way that you have 2-3 months to initiate and accomplish it successfully. If you wish to make your relocation cost-effective it will be preferable that you schedule things prior to shifting in order to make things work per your say.

Discard Useless Items

Most homes in India have half the stuff that either they don't use or are there in case the need arises in the future. If you have stuff that you don't use but you will still get them relocated, your shifting budget may shoot up like crazy and in order to control this, you need to sort your items and discard the ones you don't require at your new space. A way to do it is to physically check your new home and imagine if the stuff you are taking would be efficient without looking crowdy.

Mostly, it is the small items that take up quite the space in our shifting process. These tiny items altogether affect the budget spiking the shifting cost. In order to lessen the burden on your pocket, you can sell the items that you rarely use, in this way, you can easily earn some money and use it positively. You can also think of donating the items to someone who needs it.

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Preplan your Shifting Dates

Shifting in on-the-spot situations adds additional expenses to the shifting situation, however, to avoid this, the shifting has to be preplanned without any last-minute plan changes. All packers and movers have a huge amount of deliveries and if you book them in the peak seasons and on short notice, they tend to charge high.

Although preplanning the relocation may seem difficult, however, in order to not put any pressure on our minds and our pockets, we need to preplan at least for a few months. Generally, August to December is considered as the off-season for the packers and movers industry since it is the festival season, you can opt to shift in this season, it may cost you less and you can also get excellent deals or discounts.

Compare Quotes from Multiple Companies

Sticking one single agency is one of the common mistakes everyone does. In most cases, people ask others for recommendations and then hire the very shifting company without trying the rates in the market. We can understand that looking for multiple companies may seem difficult and time-consuming but this is how you can find the best services at pocket-friendly options.

Therefore, whenever you plan to shift, along with discarding your items, try out quotes from certain companies in order to get the best opportunity that suits your needs as well as your pockets. Many times, people get extra services on the same budget which may help you in saving some extra bucks and invest it in some other shifting activity. Hence, always compare quotes from different agencies and be open to reasonable negotiations.

The right packer and mover do not purposely exist, one has to find it which is only possible only if we are open to multiple agencies. Before hiring the final one, do proper market research, and put effort and time into finding the best transport company.

Set your Budget & Stick to it

Everything in life runs on a budget, no matter if it is a business, household or shifting any of those two. The basic principle in life in a way to make things cost-effective is to set a budget so that things can work per your pocket. However, sticking strictly to it is not possible at times, therefore, one needs to be flexible when it comes to running a budget.

Mostly, comparing quotes from several agencies gives us a rough idea about what shifting may cost us and after understanding this, we can draft a budget line that may help us to shift in the future. Planning a budget may assist you in avoiding suddenly added expenses while we plan to shift. Set a budget more than what you have been given by the agency.


These are simple and easy steps utilizing which you can affordably shift your house or business to a new place. Shifting is quite a necessary step and even though every transport company offers similar offers, a smart search is required to get the best deal and by simply following some general tips, you can get the best out of the market.

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