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There is nothing more difficult than to shift to a whole new place with your kids. For parents it is too extreme, selecting a house that is kids-friendly, finding the best educational institute for kids, and travelling to the new house is also a situation that makes parents scared.

On the other hand, children get into an emotionally alarming situation when they are told that they'll have to shift to a new house, a new school and a whole new life. It is hard for them to believe it in the first place simply because they find the concept of CHANGE a lot more overwhelming than the adults who have experience in the field.

Emotionally and socially, we can show you a mirror that will tell you how you can shift without any hassle and without sending your kids on an emotional ride. Believe it or not, if you are planning to shift and you have kids, you will definitely be under the roof of these emotions someday and you will have to deal with it. Read this article to make shifting easier with kids.

Don’t let moving to your dream house become a nightmare for you and your kids, make it easily through the journey with little ease.

First of all, before you get into the actual process of shifting, you need to get a reality check to your kids by telling them and here’s how can handle the situation.

Be calm and composed

Ensuring to stay calm and reserved is the key to make shifting a lot more easier and fun, especially when you have the responsibility of kids. Relocation with kids can be stressful and extremely exhausting but keeping patience may assist you in a lot many ways.

Try not to be arrogant if children become unreasonable

Children at a very young age are at a place where practicality and maturity aren’t even the concepts well-fed or understood to them, therefore, rather than expecting them to be active and mature. When the kids actually come to know about the shift, the out of the blue situation might make them feel sad and unreasonable which is quite normal, however, as parents, it is your responsibility not to become arrogant with their behaviour and instead understand them being in that volatile place.

You cannot expect children at a young age to understand the importance or reason behind such a big decision. Therefore, being considerate and not arrogant will help children understand you and your situation and they will easily adjust to reality.

Inform them at least months before the actual move

Mostly, parents mess with this simple situation by not informing the kids until the last minute and this out of blue situation leads to unavoidable circumstances. Telling your kids at the last minute might hugely affect their psychological state with extreme emotions of shock, grief, sadness, loneliness and angst.

Have the ‘we are going to shift’ conversation with your little ones a few months prior to when the plan is supposed to take place. This will give them some room to resist the factor and make them comfortable about the situation till the final shifting day comes.

Be frank and truthful while answering their questions

Never try to sugarcoat the shifting process and how cool life will be after the relocation. Be honest and try to give the reality check in a conserved way so that kids don’t get high hopes and expectations.

Another vital point, you must not ignore the fact that a lot might change for your family and kids, so if your kids address the factor of change, never say ‘nothing’s gonna change’ because sadly, deep down they know it would. Instead, be more realistic and down to earth to face the reality and share the same with your kids.

Explain yourself in a way that they understand

Try to share the reason for this huge change with your kids. Never assume that they are too young to understand. Every kid deserves to know the reason behind such a great step and who knows? May they understand it and appreciate the move rather than being unreasonable.

After you explain yourself to the kids and get them into the right place. Let’s now be practical and down to earth. Let’s unveil the ways to safely move you and your kids to your dream house and get this rocky journey to begin!

Hire a Babysitter

Having the help of a babysitter may come in handy to make your child feel a little secure. Also, having an extra hand to handle the child may never hurt. While you focus on getting the packing done and loading the stuff with the staff, the babysitter will make sure that the kid feels safe and secure and that all the basic requirements of the kid are taken good care of.

Pay a visit to the new place before shifting

Convince your kids to visit the new place and make them familiar with the house and surroundings so they know what they can expect from the future. Make a room in their mind for the new house so that they accept reality and start with the planning stage.

Start children’s packing way before the shifting is scheduled

Packing the stuff of your young ones may be too harsh for you parents; the uncountable clothes, million toys, school stuff among many other things. Begin packing their stuff before you start yours; sort the toys which you wish to take with you with the ones that are either broken or your children aren’t interested in.

Pack all the kid essentials separately

The journey may be tiring and you do not wish to unpack your bags to take out essentials in between the journey. Therefore, pack food, napkins, diapers, water bottle, books (if your kids read), or toys to keep your kids busy with them.

Decide the mode of transportation in advance

Many people don’t decide how they are going to travel until the last minute which ends in time wastage, confusion, delays and frustration. Therefore, decide in advance if you will rent a car for the journey or will book train tickets. This way it will become easy for you to pack stuff accordingly and take bags according to the space you have.


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