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Packing and moving to a new place is a challenge that brings painful moments for book lovers, especially when they got to pick from their bunch of novels and books and decide on which one to keep and which one to sell or donate. Everyone wishes they could take all the books with them!

Well, that may happen if we take preventive measures with regard to what problems may fall unto us later on. Shift with the same excitement and without worry because we have got some amazing hacks that will eliminate all your worries while your books will stay safe in the transit process.

Here are some packaging tips and suggestions that you must utilise if you are planning to move to a new place.

Usage of Bubble Wrap A MUST GO

Books don’t have the disadvantage of being broken but they can definitely be torn apart without any doubt even under the slightest pressure. It is always a good idea to wrap them around a bubble wrap because the bubble wrap, also, covers the gaps between the books and the air bubbles protect the books from baring the pressure of each other.

Now the biggest question is how to use the bubble wrap? Well, if you are planning to wrap 10 books altogether, then you might as well plan not to waste the wrap because it is a BAD IDEA! Wrap each book separately so that the books don’t get hampered due to the pressure. Also additionally, you must never overstuff carton boxes with books because the cartons might break en route.

Arrange the books based on weight and thickness

If you keep big storytelling books with your fictional small-sized novels, you purposely want them to be shredded. Arrange the books based on their size, weight as well as thickness. For instance, never keep giant encyclopedias with the books of your kids. If you have a great range of books collection, you can use different cartons for every specific order. To elaborate, you can use one carton for big books, one to store your kid's school notebooks and guides and novels too.

Never Mix Stationery with Books

Most adults while packing the books and kids’ study materials make this mistake and then the things turn out to be nasty to them. Never mistake to keep your stationary with your books, otherwise, you will regret this for the rest of your life. Stationary can never be trusted to be kept with books because the slightest pressure can break them and then the ink may spread all over. It invites leakage and tudum, your books are totally ruined.

Like we said in a point above, always wrap your books in bubble wrap if possible but this still does not permit you to keep them with the stationary. You can pack the stationary in a different carton or even a small bag without worrying about any leakage. For the safe side, keep your books and other geometry stuff separately.

Choose Strong Cardboard Boxes

Never use loose and weak cartons that cannot even carry the weight of your clothes. Mostly, these cartons end up torn apart and cause a mess while the shifting phase. If not cartons, you can also use suitcases for the books if they are not huge in number. Always choose strong cardboard boxes for packing your books because weak boxes may cause trouble and waste time as well.

Besides, as already mentioned, never over jam the boxes because if you fill the boxes more than their capacity, they will succumb to the weight of the books. Therefore, try to keep the weight not too much heavy and the best way to do it is that you can wrap the books, settle them in the box and then try to pick the box yourself. This will give you an idea of the weight can handle keeping the books unharmed or not.

Never Leave Gaps between Books in the Boxes

Gaps allow the movement of books inside the boxes which can lead to breakage. If you don't have enough packaging material, you must start looking for paper rags and old newspapers because these are the smallest things that can rescue you in this needy situation. Crumple the paper or old newspapers and put them in the spaces between the books.

Also, always mark the boxes with the marker about the materials inside, not only it will ease the unpacking process but it will be easy for the movers to move stuff easily knowing what the boxes contain. Other than this, you must always use brown packing tape in order to ensure that the cartons are well-packed. Using masking tape is also an option but you must not considering the fact that it is simpler to remove which may cause damage to your books.

Pack the Books Flat Not in Standing Position

Keeping books in a vertical position is all time bad call if you don't want to manhandle your books. Keeping the books in the standing position may lead to covering more capacity of the carton rather than utilising the whole available space. Also, keeping them in a vertical position leaves a lot of space over their roof heads because every book has a different height.

This also may cause damage to them while in transit. Try to keep your books in the horizontal position so that you can make multiple rows and adjust the books without leaving any space within them.


Shifting can simply become a headache task but when a book lover has to shift, it causes them serious injury because before packing the other items, they have to think about the stack of books that they have.

Clearly, no one wishes to give any book or novel up because they are extremely dear to them but thinking of shifting with them can also be distressing. Well, not when you get the right techniques. Share this blog with your book lover friends who might need it in the future.

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